The Sacred Etiquette of Cricket

  "This or that, is or is not Cricket"

While all aspects of what is or is not Cricket won’t be covered here, the items listed below will present a general attitude of the nature of Cricket play.

  • Arguing with the umpire – is not Cricket

  • Obeying the orders or suggestions of the Captain – Is Cricket

  • Acknowledging and encouraging the good play of other players, especially the opposing side, even congratulating them on plays done well or “well played” – Is Cricket

  • Foul language – Not Cricket

  • Honesty – Is Cricket

  • Negatively sledging players, especially batsmen or bowlers – Not Cricket

  • Congratulating the winners and losers – Is Cricket

  • Teams greeting each other before and after matches – Is Cricket

  • Sharing tea-lunch-half inning breaks with opposing teams – Is Cricket

  • Batsmen slamming gear upon returning from pitch – Is not Cricket

  • Batmen carrying or displaying the bat incorrectly – Is not Cricket

  • Arranging gear neatly on the ground and placing it properly back into carrying bags – Is Cricket